The main types of services offered by our companyG-Tuning

Service :

  • selection, delivery and installation of spare parts and accessories
  • Scheduled vehicle maintenance
  • computer diagnostics for all car brands
  • setting of individual functions of the engine control unit and GPS navigation
  • Russification and adaptation of American cars
  • camber adjustment-toe on bench Hunter USA
  • tire service
  • refueling and diagnostics of the air conditioner
  • Headlight Correction
  • body repair
  • paintwork
  • detailing, restorative and protective body polishing
  • complete car diagnostics before buying



  • selection, delivery and installation of tuning components
  • sale of tuning components
  • manufacture and installation of exhaust systems
  • chip tuning of American cars
  • removing the factory speed limit
  • deep tuning of engines, installation of mechanical and turbochargers with concomitant changes in engine design
  • engine swap
  • design, manufacture, parts
  • development and installation of fuel, brake, intake and exhaust systems
  • Manufacture and installation of safety cages according to specification “J”
  • change, strengthening of the power structure of the body
  • welding of any metal
  • fabrication and installation of body kits