The car has become an integral part of life: it is sports, leisure and work. G-Tuning are car enthusiasts just like you. Ten years ago, faced with the search for more in tuning your own stock cars, today we are a team of like-minded people who began to implement projects for the improvement and refinement of cars for you. We create new technical solutions, providing complex tuning, body repair and detailing services. We select, deliver and install tuning components and accessories.

 Mechanical engineers of the team develop projects at the request of the client. Tuning is aimed at individualizing the car, with this the character, strength and style of the car appear. Based on the features of the car, selected materials, spare parts and customer requirements, a vision of the project is created for specific goals and objectives.

 The G-Tuning professional base allows you to prepare sports cars according to the regulations of automotive racing disciplines. G-Tuning are directly involved in drift and drag racing competitions, thereby demonstrating the quality and reliability of the cars built.

 G-Tuning has an extensive production base, which is equipped with modern equipment. Boxes of various modifications, a spacious, guarded area and a fenced parking lot make it possible to take dozens of machines into work at the same time.

  Years of work with interesting projects allowed us to get cooperation and support from global suppliers of quality components. G-Tuning is the exclusive dealer in Ukraine of tuning components from Roush Performance and Vibrant Performance.

  In stock and on order, various kits from Roush Performance are available with a guarantee of quality and reliability up to 3 years. Vibrant Performance stocks materials for building turbo cars and sports exhaust systems. It is with these technologies that you will get the maximum driving experience, driving tens of kilometers in racing mode, feeling the taste of the power and performance of the car. 

  We offer programs to increase power by tuning the engine control unit (chip tuning). When designing power, we care about the best sound of the car. Own production of exhaust systems on unique equipment ensures high quality products.  

  Carrying out tuning inside, we also take care of the appearance of the car. Based on world experience and modern technologies, trained G-Tuning specialists will carry out bodywork, paint and varnish work of any complexity. The detailing service will create a safe layer for the car by polishing, applying protective coatings on the body.

  G-Tuning supports the manufacturer's warranty and provides service. We ensure the availability of goods in the warehouse, we will deliver the necessary components on order. We have a significant staff of qualified personnel, demonstration stands and storage facilities. We develop a dealer network and carry out a set of activities aimed at promoting car tuning and detailing services on the territory of Ukraine.