Dynamometer (dyno) – this is an indispensable equipment for professional tuning service that helps to properly configure the car in different operating modes, make a final measurement of the car's power, while not driving on public roads usage.

High-quality chip tuning is possible only with the help of dyno. After the completion of complex tuning and car tuning, the client gets a graph of the power and torque of the car in the entire range of work car.

G-Tuning uses one of the best chassis dynos rear wheel drive cars in the world Dynocom 2WD 5000 made in the USA. Maximum measuring power 1250 horsepower. Our company provides

services of chip tuning, measuring the power of the car, renting a stand for an individual settings.

There is a flexible system of discounts for partners and regular customers!

Basic conditions for working on a dyno:

  • mandatory presence of our specialist;
  • all measurements are taken only on rubber intended for use
  • use on public roads. Worn, studded and
  • gravel is not allowed for measurements;
  • all technical fluids and fuels and lubricants in the car are on the necessary
  • level. Cleaning up any spilled liquids and fuels and lubricants during the measurement
  • paid by the client;
  • alignment values ​​must be at or near factory
  • factory values;
  • All malfunctions of the car during the measurement are paid by the client.